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MI-GSO Toulouse | “Cybersafety against Terrorism » conference

MI-GSO participated at the conference “Cybersafety against Terrorism” in Toulouse with Mr. Bernard CAZENEUVE (French Prime Minister from December 2016 to April 2017) organised by the press group “La Dépêche”. He decoded for us the evolution of modern terrorism, and took this opportunity share his vision on the fight against terrorism and cybercrime.

From a targeted terrorism (e.g. group “Action Directe”) in the 70s, then a vertical terrorism (e.g. GIA) in the 90s, we today have to face a horizontal terrorism: cyberterrorism. The fight against cyberterrorism requires a continuous and fast adaptation of existing means. It requires implementing new technologies, new preventive actions, new regulations and new laws.

But in the times of a globalized threat, the resistance on the internet can be effective only if it is coordinated at the world level – and of course with the cooperation of the big four of the net (i.e. GAFA).

In conclusion, the battle against cyberterrorism wins today at the same time on the real ground and on the virtual ground.