La ruée des fadas

MI-GSO France | La ruée des Fadas

The 25th of June, 6 great athletes of MI-GSO took part in the « Ruée des Fadas » at Philbert de Granlieu, Fabien, François, Marc, François, Mikael, Julie and to complete the team two super dogs, Iris and Hippy!

Once everyone was dressed up with colored socks, nice blue T-shirts, Hawaiian skirts with sequins and painted hair, we were ready for this Spartan Race. We spent together 1h30 jumping, running, climbing, swimming, crawling, and going up and down obstacles in the nature. Very good team-spirit and mutual assistance were core values during the entire event, especially while facing hay walls of 3 meters high.

The electric shocks, the pumps, the mud or the crab basket didn’t manage to stop us! We succeeded and crossed the finish line with the dogs all together. Before the race, some of us didn’t know each other; however we shared an exceptional moment and the entire team was united under the name MI-GSO!

We hope to repeat the experience and that even more people will attend the next event.


La ruée des fadas